Tempo Diagrams of the Best Version of SWEET BABY JAMES, James Taylor – "one man band" | Median Expected Tempo=120.5 beats per minute

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I looked for the exact tempo for the song Sweet Baby James as recorded at its BEST – by James Taylor on his One Man Band album.  All I found that was close and not a theft from the artist Taylor was my analysis of the song, supra, February, 2011 on this website.  Hence, continuing my self-imposed moral obligation to spread the word that familiarity with song tempo is a gift you already own and can give yourself,

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I calibrated, in a method where all beats are contiguous, consecutive and complete a beats-per-minute scan of the

entire piece with meanspeed® software.

Entered into search: “tempo James Taylor Sweet Baby one man band” I received –

  1. James Taylor “Sweet Baby James” Live – YouTube

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9MncdJ_lOs5 min – Nov 9, 2007 – Uploaded by concordrecords
    Here’s a clip from the DVD portion of the CD/DVD release “One Man Band” by James Taylor. “Sweet Baby James” appears on the Hear
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  2. James Taylor Tabs : 171 Tabs Total @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

    http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/james_taylor_tabs.htm – Cached

    James Taylor tabs, chords, guitar, bass, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including Fire And Rain James Taylor : One Man Band : James Taylor’s “One Man Band,” a new CD/DVD set of live Sweet Baby James Lyrics · Fire And Rain Lyrics

  3. James Taylor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Taylor – Cached

    For other persons with the same name, see James Taylor (disambiguation). ….. Entitled Sweet Baby James, and with the participation of Carole King, …. The success of the album propelled the release of two further singles – the up-tempo …. Taylor’s next album, One Man Band was released on CD and DVD in November

  4. James Taylor

    http://www.warr.org/taylor.html – Cached

    Sweet Baby James – Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon – One Man Dog – Walking Man James Taylor was one of the most successful of the early 70s Sessions cut with his first band, not released until after he started hitting it big. …. soothing, over-harmonized mid-tempo rock – “Company Man” is the best try

  5. February | 2011 | Annie Sullivan Jackson House

    anniesullivanjacksonhouse.com/2011/02/ – Cached

    Feb 10, 2011 – Rockabye, Sweet Baby James – New Jersey Free School Tempo Map: Sweet Baby James is a song written and recorded by the artist and composer James Taylor. If you are getting too tired to be exact, I will let you know. album that says THIS IS FOR EVERYONE may as well say THIS IS FOR NO ONE.

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  6. James Taylor Online – James Taylor’s Unofficial Home

    www.jamestaylor.com/ – Cached

    James Taylor’s unofficial online home since 1994. The book in part details James’ life in 1970: the recording and release of Sweet Baby James, his touring, the filming of Troubadour CD/DVD · James Taylor – One Man Band CD/DVD

  7. infographics | Annie Sullivan Jackson House

    7746.com/tag/infographics/ – Cached

    Rockabye, Sweet Baby James – New Jersey Free School Tempo Map: Contiguous Sweet Baby James is a song written and recorded by the artist and composer James Taylor. If you are getting too tired to be exact, I will let you know. the biggest hypocrite in modern music history, James is a man of integrity.

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  8. James Taylor | Music , Music Genres, Pop/Rock : JB HI-FI

    http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/music/pop-rock/jamestaylor/576491 – Cached

    Pop/Rock, James Taylor. Exact shipping charge is shown at checkout. Although it did not sell in the same volume as some of his later releases, An early band demo of “Sunny Skies”, a track later to find it way on to his Sweet Baby James album, is followed by the up-tempo “Let Me Ride”, another demo of a

  9. Sweet Baby James

    wn.com/Sweet_Baby_James – Cached

    “Sweet Baby James” appears on the Hear Music release “One Man Band” in stores everywhere on 11/13/07. Dixie Chicks and James Taylor Sweet Baby James Live Concert …… Sam and Dave song (though Costello increased the tempo considerably). …. Fender Musical Instruments released Elvis Costello Jazzmaster, an exact

  10. All music guide: the definitive guide to popular music – Google Books Result

    books.google.com/books?isbn=0879306270Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas Erlewine – 2001 – Antiques & Collectibles – 1491 pages
    Bill Da/il Sweet Baby of Mine (1949-1956) / Apr. 6, Only Joni Mitchell and James Taylor ranked alongside him in terms of influence, but neither artist

This tells me nothing about the tempo of the version for which I am seeking the tempo.  Therefore:

Meanspeed-Carlton Summary

song=Sweet Baby James

composer=James Taylor

performer=James Taylor

guitarist=James Taylor

song purchased from=Apple®’s iTunes®

File Kind=AAC purchased audio file



Size=7.6 MB

Bit Rate 256 kbps

Sample Rate=44.100 kHz

File Extension=.m4a

Profile=Low Complexity


median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=120.5 beats per minute

average beat=~498 milliseconds

tempo infographics=Annie Sullivan Jackson House



Ian Andrew Schneider

Annie Sullivan Jackson House

Kendall Park New Jersey

August 16, 2011