ARETHA FRANKLIN “chain of fools”| Metrologically Surgical Timeline/Line Of Advance Diagram | At the Speed of the Fool, Young and Restless® Character Patty Williams, psychotic murderess, to her Chain | LEGAL BPM-scan, LEGAL video, YR soap box score

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The Young and the Restless®, a Bell®/CBS®/SONY® production, is found in Genoa City, Wisconsin a/k/a Green Bay, as depicted from Los Angeles, California.  Today we saw Nikki Newman, head of a family, completely crack up family holiday time of the year.  Nikki has been in what used to be called “Rehabilitation,” now known as a joke called rehab, as a place where Mel Gibson goes for the “disease” insulting policepeople.  Mel, as you recall, called a Nevada trooper “Sugar-tits” – a rehabilitation waiting to happen.  After rehab, Mel has not only not called a single trooper “Sugar-tits,” he has also realized that Jews are the scapegoats of the world and ought not be insulted as, well, they ain’t got nothing to lose – not that has anything with what president-elect Obama and the United Nations wanted to ban the hand guns in order to arrange Holocausts of any type.  Because hey, who’d ever come to take Hillary away?  She’s never killed anyone.

Speaking of which, in Genoa City, Patty Williams, the psychotic is back: a very poorly written role for “Patty Williams” as the plot is comic book implausible and an insult to anyone affected by any person in his or her family with a REAL mental illness is so obsessed with the masculinity, fortitude and honesty of Jack “John” Abbott II, that she will kill anyone to “get him back” – even if this means that of a Diane Jenkins.

YRBoxScore, Novmber 28, 2011

Characters with Family, Company, Business

How can we know all about one show?  The show revolves around one family company business, featuring The Newman;s as The Family, Newman Enterprises as The Company, and selling makeup and assorted non-essential sundries, much as the “real” housewives of Beverly Hills, the Business a “family legacy” expert in what ALL companies are expected to do: MAXIMIZE shareholder value.  Newman enterprises is so rampant with nepotism that Nick Newman, Victor Newman, Adam Wilson a/k/a Victor Newman, Junior all work their despite an absence of integrity of the only one of them who went to school for “business” – Adam Newman, who has a Harvard MBA, who, much like the Harvard MBA president we had, tries to run daddy’s business but finds he is not that good at it.  What Adam *is* good at is adding people to his CHAIN OF FOOLS, a song of funk (115-117 beats per minute is ideal funk speed!) which symbolizes although he is a bisexual-for-legal-advice (he had sex with Raphael “Rafe” Torrez, the only homosexual in Genoa City and the only one who would defend him after he let his father’s wife, Ashley Abbottt-Newman walk around with a dead fetus inside her in a plot that ranks among the most perverse yet addictive ever invented, sociopath.  Why a sociopath?  Ah.  Watch the show!


bpm scan - The Speed of Funk: Aretha Franklin, CHAIN OF FOOLS

Ian Andrew Schneider

November 29, 2011

“What the world needs now is not more enormo-mega-business! nor more companies! We need more families on their farms – what we need is community!!!” – John Mellencamp, Farm-Aid, c.2008

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