The Speed of Easter During a Hot July – "Hail Thee, Festival Day!" Episcopal Easter Hymn by Ralph Vaughn-Williams as played by William Nell | NJ Free School Tempo Breakdown of Easter’s Hymn

The most exciting Hymn during Easter is Ralph Vaughn Williams’ HAIL, THEE, FESTIVAL DAY. This organ version by William Nell was measured in consecutive measures 8 times, synthesized and Sophia St. John Neumann came up with a triple variety on the charts you may own legally by downloading from this site,

Music: Salve Festa Dies, Ralph Vaughan Williams, in The Eng­lish Hymn­al (Lon­don: Ox­ford Un­i­ver­si­ty Press, 1906) (MI­DI, score). Originally credited to “Anonymous,” Vaugh­an Will­iams was named as the com­pos­er in Songs of Praise, 1931.

meanspeed music therapy - hail Thee, Festival Day - bpm scan - 102 bpm
meanspeed music therapy - hail Thee, Festival Day - bpm scan - 102 bpm

The com­plex­i­ty of this score makes it a chal­lenge for con­gre­ga­tion­al use (there are three ver­sions for dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions, which can be sung sep­ar­ate­ly or com­bined).

How­ev­er, it awes and inspires  when sung by a trained and practiced choir. 



Hail thee, festival day!
Blessed day to be hallowed forever;
Day when our Lord was raised,
Breaking the kingdom of death.

Lo, the fair beauty of the earth,
From the death of the winter arising!
Every good gift of the year
Now with its Master returns.


Rise from the grave now, O Lord,
The author of life and creation.
Treading the pathway of death,
New life You give to us all.

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Hail thee, festival day!
Blessed day to be hallowed forever;
Day when our risen Lord
Rose in the heavens to reign.

He who was nailed to the cross
Is Ruler and Lord of all people.
All things created on earth
Sing to the glory of God.


Daily the loveliness grows,
Adorned with glory of blossom;
Heaven her gates unbars,
Flinging her increase of light.




Hail thee, festival day!
Blessed day to be hallowed forever;
Day when the Holy Ghost
Shone in the world full of grace.

Bright and in the likeness of fire,
On those who await your appearing,
You Whom the Lord had foretold
Suddenly, swiftly descend.


Forth from the Father You come
With sevenfold mystical offering,
Pouring on all human souls
Infinite riches of God.



God the Almighty Lord,
The Ruler of earth and the heavens,
Guard us from harm without;
Cleanse us from evil within.

Jesus the health of the world,
Enlighten our minds, great Redeemer,
Son of the Father supreme,
Only begotten of God.

Spirit of life and of power,
Now flow in us, fount of our being,
Light that enlightens us all,
Life that in all may abide.

Praise to the giver of good!
O lover and author of concord,
Pour out your balm on our days;
Order our ways in your peace.

Meanspeed-Carlton Tempo Breakdown
median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=101.8 beats per minute
average beat, quarter note getting the beat in common time song=~589.4 milliseconds
composer=Ralph Vaughn-Williams
data visualization/synthesized tempo graphs=Sophia St. John Neumann
most excellent player in the United States=Mollie H. Nichols, The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, 2 East 90th Street, New York, New York, 10028
ONLY PLAYED=Easter morning.

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Love to all,
Sophia St. John Neumann
Annie Sullivan Jackson House
July 28, 2011
rewritten October 3, 2011

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