Notes On The Bold and the Beautiful® and The Young and the Restless® Dramatic Seriels, broadcast July 15, 2021

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, the storylines between the Forrester fiasco and the Spencer fiasco are parallel and fascinating. For the Forrester Creations team, headed by Ridge and Eric, since their Chief Operating Officer and in-house counsel cheated in a way that was a carnal matter, outside of the company, we see a Carter if not forgiven at least handed a second chance. By contrast, in the Spencer domain, no sexual cheating was involved. However, the attempted “pathetic coup” by Justin affected the entire company, its owner and two sons who “will inherit” Spencer Publications®.

Bold and Beautiful

On The Young and the Restless, the highlight of the main story line revolved around she who was unable to be found: Mariah Copeland played by Camryn Grimes who is talented enough to be more of a presence by ghosting everyone for an unknown reason. As her partner, Cait Fairbanks plays Tessa Porter in a fashion that we feel her worry. As Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor, Melissa Ordway shows a different concern in her own way.

Young and the Restless
season 48, episode 201