‘Ian Ward Is Supposed To Be In Prison’ | notes on The Young and the Restless, s48e216, featuring ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie

american daytime drama and popular music associated therewith

Episode 216 of The Young and the Restless reminds me of the daytime drama I first watched in the 1980s as a boy: All My Children, Brooke English, Harold Loomis and Loomis’ obsession with Tom’s journalist wife Brooke. I remember Every Breath You Take by the Police being played on a loop as Harold was trying to convince Brooke that his deluded obsession with her was met but being denied by Brooke. Of course, on the side, as the solid young town doctor in Ruth Warwick’s home town of Center City was the hardest working man in show business, Peter Bergman as Dr. Clifford Warner. If Peter Bergman has taken 3 weeks off in 40 years it escaped me!

David Bowie

On #yr, it is Camryn Grimes as Mariah Copeland, locked up in a deluded person’s room. Instead of a popular song from the 1980s playing it is a song from the 1970s being mentioned: “Heroes,” by David Bowie.

Young and the Restless
season 48
episode 216

Great cliffhanger especially for a Wednesday! Who is the captor? Ian Ward? Stitch Rayburn? An unknown rival of Tessa Porter?

Should be a fantastic episode 217!