american musician, lawyer.

From “Notes on the ravings of Jim Deluva”, now that Jim has left New Jersey and is working in undisclosed location #22.

I told him that I was working on trying to get the drummer in my “too old to get on stage” garage band as it beats working out in a gym, pounding tom-toms!

The words of James came after the suggestion that if Ticket To Ride by the Beatles precedes a song, and he could play the next song, or decide which song to play in a band like Daryl Hall and friends

“Ticket To Ride”. The drumbeat is INSANE. It lurches and never locks into a straight groove until the bridge, where it starts and stops again. It isn’t exactly in the pocket – I.E.: it would be difficult to notate those tom-tom upbeats.

Personally, I would segue into “Tomorrow Never Knows” (128). Slightly faster tempo, similar insane, lurching drum beat. Completely different mood, I know. But the beats sort of line up, in a weird way.

No one speaks with both the authority and open-mindedness of a Deluva while you know he may be thinking, “Dude, how did they even let you into this studio!”

Given his unduly harsh reputation, I asked him when he left his Princeton if he would lend his expertise to a website where his knowledge would give me some ideas to work with that would give my ideas wider use.


I was lucky enough to see Pat Metheny play solo in Princeton in 2013. Part of his acoustic set included parts of JAMES, the name of the family’s 18 year old cat, who was dying of kidney failure at the time.

James’ family was hit by a car, his mom had been killed, and the tiny kittens, 2 weeks old, each scattered. Except James, who was taken in by my wife, and in 18 years he was never wronged, nor did he wrong anyone else or either of his two saved sister cats.

I know Pat Metheny became a better composer when he got closer to his dog, featured on the cover of SECRET STORY.