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‘I’ve Heard Your Theory Before’ | #yr, s48e206 | CBS/Paramount+ daytime drama genre notes

Looking at this show is like looking at a bunch of rolling stones.

Multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, being shot at, being poisoned, being run out of a Los Angeles A+ fashion house, losing one’s father as a 12 year old, growing up an orphan, being stabbed are all things that have happened to one of the characters that appears today.

The Young and the Restless®

I always have a check mark for people that have encountered death especially at a savagely young age in an exceptionally cruel way.

Today’s episode 206 in season 48, was too well written to comment on beyond that. This episode showed an exceptional effort by the writers which appeared to bounce off the actors who are veterans and accustomed to theme and variation on change using characters that have been built over four decades.

Notes on betrayals, stalkers and co-parenting on Paramount+ Daytime Drama, episode #yr, s48e203, #bb s34e202

Helter Skelter
tempo map

In Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful produced such an old-school cliffhanging episode for Monday that all hats go off to the writing team!  Two people called me and asked, “What dog you really think us going to happen?” Not texts — actual phone calls. Five major storylines, all strong leaves the ‘what will Ridge do?’ issue as the most exciting and important.

Bold and Beautiful,
season 34
episode 202

In Genoa City Wisconsin on the Young and the Restless, new foundations are made, while Ben “Stitch” Rayburn is starting to creep out a lot of people. Meanwhile, the addition of Ashland and Tara Locke have made Victoria finally shine in her role in the business world.

Young and the Restless
season 48, episode 2

#yr-s48e200, ‘Commitment To Fair Journalism’ | #bb-s34e199, ‘Never Been So Disappointed’ | July 13, 2021

In Wisconsin’s Genoa City, ChancComm, headed by Billy and Lily, must make difficult decisions in regard to the news of Ashland Locke’s disease as shown in a viral video.

Young and the Restless
July 13, 2021

In California, the heroic work of Thomas Forrester leads to shocking joy.

The Bold and the Beautiful
July 13, 2012

‘I Didn’t Believe That Story The First Minute I Heard It’ | ‘I Don’t Know – The Police?’ | #bb, #yr, 7/8/21

On The Young and The Restless, Christian LeBlanc asks a fresh-from-Portland Kevin a brilliant multi-layered question.

Young and the Restless
season 48, episode 197

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Justin seems to have shown a side that is ugly, jealous, envious and petty. Who would have thought that the viewers would be routing for Thomas?

The Bold and the Beautiful
season 34, episode 196