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Seals & Crofts

Ridge is as happy as one will ever see Ridge. Why? His visits his gorgeous new grandson, Hayes Forrester-Finnegan along with Steffy and Finn and the joy is immeasurable.

Meanwhile, we still have not been introduced to anyone in Finn’s family. The non-introduction is creating healthy tension. Everyone in the community television room is guessing: “what do you think is gong in with Finn’s Parents?”

I think Quinn and Carter spent the entire day in bed as they were not seen in this episode at all.

The Bold and the Beautiful
season 34 episode 210

Episode 88 features Delon de Metz as Zende Dominguez Forrester and Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester.

season 34
episode 88

People wonder, “Is there such thing as a ‘bro code'”? The interplay among the characters in the Forrester Creations unrequited / misunderstood love rectangle does an excellent exploratrion of this idea.

The action plays out something like: Paris loves Carter who loves Zoe, but Zoe loves Zende? The characters are trying to work this out. At many levels, most interesting dynamics and an excellent energy from all are displayed.