As Mariah is a week out from the birth of Dominic, and only Devon and Tessa seem to appreciate the extent of her condition.

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Even her mother Sharon, a telephone anti-suicide expert and aspiring psychologist knew enough to know that she could not possibly understand. In fact, Sharon withholds the details of the criminally insane acts of “Stitch” Rayburn as not to upset her, only continuing the split among the family members where Mariah cannot turn to Adam, with whom she has no positive relations. Where is Nick during Mariah’s struggle for people to. understand the isolation that was so evil it was difficult to watch?

In episode 66, what continued to surprise me was Devon’s lack of concern for Nate Hasting’s hand.

Sean Dominic as Nate Hastings
season 48
episode 66

Becoming a surgeon requires more study time than I can conceive of.  My dad and sister are surgeons and socially challenged from spending ages 18-28 studying and working non-stop with virtually no time to socialize.

Devon, the 2.3 Billion Dollar [Man] has no remorse for ruining a career over punching someone that slept with a girlfriend, Elena Dawson, that he had for about 2 months.

I had always seen Devon as a kind empathetic man. How he has injured Nate and cares not is such a strange and interesting storyline that even though Nate is not in episode 66, seeing Devon trying to solve relatively preposterous problems with Amanda Sinclair, the identical twin of his ex-wife Hilary Curtis makes Devon look like Mr. Selfish (very unlike Devon – maybe he is still venting in sorrow over the tragedy of the death of his uncle, who raised Devon as a father despite Tucker McCall being his biological father, something Devon only learned after think for 25 years that his biological father was Neil’s brother fashion photographer Malcolm Winters).

This episode had comic relief from Rey and Sharon as she had a touching attempt at making Cuban tamales.