As Adam is given Newman Enterprises through a cheap blackmailing move, Victor tells his closer family not to worry as he is playing the ‘long game’ against Adam’s pitiful selfish gauche narcissism.

How much is enough for Adam? For that type, as Victoria says, “It’s *never enough*. A Blackmailer is new content with just one.”


matherton horowitz

In his battle to win Hope Logan’s love, Thomas Forrester is using his son Douglas and his coworker Zoe in selfish, entitled and manipulative ways.

You and Me Against the World, harmonic tempo map

Surprisingly enough: the friend of Thomas, Vinny, is a good man who knows that Thomas using his child, Douglas, while additionally using another person’s feelings, the graceful Zoe,  to “win” the love of somebody who probably doesn’t even love you anyway, in this case Hope Logan, is wrong.  A good friend tells the person doing the wrong thing to stop it, risking the friendship itself for the advantage of a child and a lied-to love interest.