The Young And The Restless® family-company-business sheet, 8/11/16

IN regard to family, one must ask: if Sharon really is a good person, or has her “bipolar disorder” exposed a deeper disturbance.
She is keeping Nick’s baby for a criminally immoral amount of time.

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Young And Restless Abbott Brothers – ‘ICARUS’?

family-company-business-timeline-box-score-Young-and-Restless-7-27-2016Sweet Caroline, covered by the Dave Matthews Band - part Two of Three -  125 3/5 bpm, as Metallica's Enter Sandman, bpm graphs, tempo maps, time-velocity charts and video illustration point to the invisibly obvious - the speed of victory.Today, in order to try to keep the Abbott family together, Jill Abbott pleaded for one brother to cease an affair with his sister in law.

What does speed mean?

Presenting: Harmonic tempo maps by 2*√15 using how bb international storylines of the great dramas The Bold And The Beautiful™ and The Young And The Restless.

Presenting: Harmonic tempo maps by 2*√15 using how bb international storylines of the great dramas The Bold And The Beautiful™ and The Young And The Restless.

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The Young And The Restless Featured Concept – Chloe Mitchell, the AFTERGLOW and the Return. Featuring Genesis: Afterglow speed.

Liz Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell was a character built of grit.

I read an interview w Ms Hendrickson around 2009 in defeating hundreds in a casting call for a young woman where she said, “[I was going to make them love me. There was no way I was not going to get that role].”

"Afterglow," by Genesis, 2 ways--in the studio and on Seconds Out, using the Frank Zappa drum riff introduced by Chester Thompsonget-together=whats-goin-on-gaye-youngbloods-na15n5-harmonic-tempo-chartafterglow-genesis-manchester-NA15N5-tempo-measurement-chartGENESIS-afterglow-live-feat Liz-Hendrickson-yr-NA15N5-tempo-measurement-chartGenesis-Afterglow-Live-Manchester-2007-NA15N5-tempo-measurement-chartAfterglow_Genesis_tempo_map_meanspeed_musicGenesis-Afterglow--live-Manchester-na15n5-harmonic-tempo-chart


L.H. was absolutely fantastic in the role. Seeing her return reminds me of a complete Beethoven cycle of three:

  1. The Farewell,
  2. The Absence,
  3. The Return.

L.H. is a busy American actress who will not be appearing on the Young and the Restless® on a regular basis.

When she mentions a concept of “afterglow,” she reminds me of the band Genesis, who in the 44 concerts I saw of their’s: played the beautiful song AFTERGLOW at *every* show.



Jackie Matherton

“Dr” Jon Stone

Speed Never Changed A Single Song In My Collection

All the songs and the bands to which I listen after *purchase* are the same as they would be were I not able to explain with the formula 2*√15″ a possible, and possibly radically so obviously hidden in plain sight.

I would never tell anyone what to listen to, no matter how well I knew their musical taste, music collection and willingness to adapt to music.

These are some tempo maps from a weblog that simply has too be cleaned up. I am naturally inclined to at least measure even my moods.

The Young And The Restless Confronts the Evil Child Question | family-company-business sheets for four days.


In outstanding set of scenes notes, on Monday’s show Cane and Neil had an epic fight that completely transcended race lines because there was NO RACE ISSUE. As a married guy, I could feel the in-law tension through the screen, and there was nothing Black, White or in in this case Australian, national issues in the truth telling.

We know that the evil child Max Rayburn, in a sneaky jealousy, made Abby lose her baby by making a shower for that baby, then making Abby trip down a flight of stairs where, as she did, lose the baby in a miscarriage.


Dr. Ben Rayburn, Max’s natural father, was a widower and Max wants more of his time.  Max is upset.  We all get this dynamic.  Yet, paraphrasing the great Dr. Simon Neville, “[There was something creepy about the the way he called his a actions a ‘prank’.]

The questions facing the newly married Abby Rayburn are:

  1. Ought Max’s evil actions and Ben “Stitch” Rayburn’s reactions thereto lead to a quick end to the union?
  2. Can a forced family work in the long run?
  3. Is she inexperienced at marriage or is Maxwell Rayburn truly an evil child?



/IS/ 5/12/16

The Young And The Restless, April 28-May 6, 2016 | CBS® Dramas Deal With Most Preventable Tragedy in Dramatic Form – DISTRACTED DRIVING STEALS SAGE NEWMAN’S LIFE – family/company/business activity.

And 60 years of what would have been Sage’s life was ended on the side of highway 11.

In her rush to tell her husband the greatest news of her life, Sage Newman reached for a cell phone in her car, driving on a bridge at night.  She took her eyes off the road.  The driver behind her, Sharon Newman, flashed her high beams.  And 60 years of what would have been Sage’s life was ended on the side of highway 11.

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