Phil Collins tempo as reflected in the recording of GOING BACK

Episode 215 features Lawrence Saint Victor doing pull-ups and having before and after intimacy talks with Quinn.

Bold and Beautiful family company business interaction, August 4, 2021
The Bold and the Beautiful
August 4, 2021

When the character Carter is able to do any of his work? Off-screen! Who wants to watch an attorney research or a Chief Operating Officer sweat over spreadsheets of the xlsx variety when we can see his relaxation time in spread sheets (sorry) with the “spellbinding, gorgeous, mesmerizing” (Carter’s perfect words) lover, Quinn Fuller?

american daytime drama and popular music associated therewith

Episode 216 of The Young and the Restless reminds me of the daytime drama I first watched in the 1980s as a boy: All My Children, Brooke English, Harold Loomis and Loomis’ obsession with Tom’s journalist wife Brooke. I remember Every Breath You Take by the Police being played on a loop as Harold was trying to convince Brooke that his deluded obsession with her was met but being denied by Brooke. Of course, on the side, as the solid young town doctor in Ruth Warwick’s home town of Center City was the hardest working man in show business, Peter Bergman as Dr. Clifford Warner. If Peter Bergman has taken 3 weeks off in 40 years it escaped me!

tempo of Heroes by the late, great David Bowie
David Bowie

On #yr, it is Camryn Grimes as Mariah Copeland, locked up in a deluded person’s room. Instead of a popular song from the 1980s playing it is a song from the 1970s being mentioned: “Heroes,” by David Bowie.

notes on #yr 8/4/2021
Young and the Restless
season 48
episode 216

Great cliffhanger especially for a Wednesday! Who is the captor? Ian Ward? Stitch Rayburn? An unknown rival of Tessa Porter?

Should be a fantastic episode 217!


Last week, it was Eric who was in denial about the realities of his social dilemma.

Starting Monday, it was Ridge. When confronted with the fact that the man handling Eric’s divorce is the same man that slept with Eric’s wife, Ridge covers for Carter telling Steffy that the entire affair is Quinn’s fault. Of course it is , to Ridge. Best friend, C.O.O. of the company he is to inherit is fertile ground to do some serious rationalization of the truth, coined “denial” sometime in the 1980s.

American drama on daytime network television
The Bold and the Beautiful
season 34 episode 208

Quinn does play fast and loose with her heart, though. One minute, in a first in her lifetime experience, she and Carter experience unison heartbeats. That was a little, uh, edgy. The next minute, after telling Carter that “just-when-I-thought-you-couldn’t-get-any-better” followed by a Carter chuckle, Quinn tells Carter that she would be heartbroken if Eric were having an affair. Understandably, as Deacon Sharp or Bill Spencer undoubtedly looked at Quinn with the look of, “what the heck? how long does it take you to get over a ‘time stopped’ profession of love? Ten minutes? You can’t even wait until your clothes back on?” Carter gives her a low-key “you can’t be serious” stare that she is not even looking at!

Carter might cut and run now before the garbage hits the fan.