Let It Be is what Bill Spencer screamed about Liam doing - was he right?

The Young and the Restless season 48 episode 204 was bathed in the aftermath of a plot hatched by Tara Locke and Sally Spectra in order to manipulate Summer Newman and Kyle Jenkins Abbott. The actions and emotions regarding terminal illness while a child is involved sometimes requires keeping secrets, other times telling hard truths. For others, seeing a business titan with a terminal illness is a tawdry opportunity to get ahead in their family, take another’s company and getting into business to which they are not ethically a part. On a lighter note, we learned that Jack Abbott likes his coffee as I do — no milk, no foam, thank you anyway. Kyle is proving to be a great man, putting the needs of his child Harrison above those of himself. Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins raised him well!

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Young and the Restless
season 48, episode 204

On The Bold and the Beautiful season 34 episode 203 the battle between lust and loyalty within the mind of characters gets highlighted by the relationship between Carter and Quinn. Quinn seems to be a decent person, and she does the moral thing, but she is unable to maintain a reputation of a reformed wild woman. A most odd action: that although Eric is so through with Quinn he had Carter take the Forrester matriarch painting from above the fireplace mantle (I had no idea before watching the #bb that Los Angeles had so many fireplaces) and told him to trash it. Carter knows what he ought to do to be safe, but as this page is not about spoilers, I most highly encourage anyone interested to watch this episode! By contrast, we see the legacy couple of Brooke and Ridge being photographed by the world famous Ellen. Was the cliffhanger left from Friday regarding how Ridge would react to the dramatic and bizarrely disloyal-to-Bill Justin offer?

family-company-business-summary on American television
Bold and Beautiful
season 34
episode 203
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In Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful produced such an old-school cliffhanging episode for Monday that all hats go off to the writing team!  Two people called me and asked, “What dog you really think us going to happen?” Not texts — actual phone calls. Five major storylines, all strong leaves the ‘what will Ridge do?’ issue as the most exciting and important.

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Bold and Beautiful,
season 34
episode 202

In Genoa City Wisconsin on the Young and the Restless, new foundations are made, while Ben “Stitch” Rayburn is starting to creep out a lot of people. Meanwhile, the addition of Ashland and Tara Locke have made Victoria finally shine in her role in the business world.

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Young and the Restless
season 48, episode 2

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The issues on both shows were about the decisions one makes in regard to whom they ought to place trust, and how much of that trust do they want in one place.

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The Bold and the Beautiful

Have you ever been so blindly loyal to someone who has full legal capacity over you who takes your blind loyalty as a ticket to take you to the cleaners, don’t pass go, right to jail? Ever have a friend turn on you as that of what we saw on The Bold and The Beautiful?

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The Young and the Restless
season 48
episode 186

Speaking of blind loyalty, Summer cannot be deterred from Kyle. She gave a kidney to Lola who was married to: Kyle at the time of the transplant. Add to that being the step-parent to  achild she doesn’t know to a child co-parented by Ashland and Tara Locke, the most haughty and arrogant characters that have been on since Jeff Bardwell was last seen.